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Both the API and ABI are changed.
- LibCSS nolonger lets clients provide a memory allocator function.
+ LibCSS no longer lets clients provide a memory allocator function.
This change affects the following functions:
From include/libcss/computed.h -- css_computed_style_create()
From include/libcss/select.h -- css_select_ctx_create()
- From incluce/libcss/stylesheet.h -- css_stylesheet_create()
+ From include/libcss/stylesheet.h -- css_stylesheet_create()
There are changes to selection handler callback table:
- LibCSS nolonger frees the any array of classes passed to the
+ LibCSS no longer frees the any array of classes passed to the
node_classes callback. It does still unref the individual strings.
This means clients need not allocate a new array each call, but can
keep the array cached on the node.