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* Quirks mode parsingJohn Mark Bell2009-02-151-0/+1
* Port libcss to libwapcaplet.Daniel Silverstone2009-02-141-5/+3
* Drop css_error_handler and rename css_alloc to css_allocator_fnDaniel Silverstone2009-02-141-1/+1
* Retain pointer to dictionary entries so we don't have to rediscover it later.John Mark Bell2008-12-011-1/+1
* Use parserutils_hash instead of parserutils_dict.John Mark Bell2008-11-301-2/+2
* css_string is now the same as a parserutils_dict_entry. This allows us to use...John Mark Bell2008-11-271-1/+3
* Port libcss to new lpu API.John Mark Bell2008-11-091-3/+3
* Make selector token vector be associated with the ruleset, rather than having...John Mark Bell2008-08-051-1/+0
* Beginnings of a mechanism to intern known strings and compare pointers effect...John Mark Bell2008-08-041-0/+3
* Change API of event callback to return css_error (this is more useful than bool)John Mark Bell2008-08-041-1/+1
* Stub out a CSS 2.1 stage 2 parser.John Mark Bell2008-08-011-2/+3
* Generate and emit eventsJohn Mark Bell2008-07-301-0/+28
* Implement the first-stage parser.John Mark Bell2008-07-301-0/+45