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Hubbub binding for libdom
- This is an example binding of hubbub to libdom. It consists of two,
- orthogonal, parts:
- 1) hubbub parser wrapper
- 2) hubbub-specific DOMImplementationSource for libdom
-Push parser wrapper
This is a wrapper around hubbub's parser API, to facilitate
construction of a libdom DOM tree. The basic premise is that the wrapper
intercepts the SAX-like events emitted by hubbub's tokeniser then builds
a libdom DOM tree from them.
- The DOMImplementationSource exposes the APIs needed to create a new
- document based upon the hubbub binding. It also provides the utility
- functions that libdom uses when performing some operations (such as
- document normalization). This is needed as libdom is document language
- agnostic; therefore, it requires support from the binding to perform
- some operations.