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Import DOM library.
This is mainly stub functions atm (and is missing a number of key interfaces). svn path=/trunk/dom/; revision=3384
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+TODO list
+ + Sort out the mess that is dom_ctx - I really don't like it; everything (except dom_strings)
+ should be allocated in the context of a document and, thus, the context is easily found
+ through foo->owner->blah. dom_strings are somewhat awkward here, as they aren't necessarily
+ allocated in the context of a document, but they still need access to an allocator. Perhaps
+ the simplest solution is for the string constructors to take an allocator and private word
+ as parameters, then store them within the string. This does, however, add an overhead of
+ 8 (or 16 on 64bit platforms) bytes per dom_string, which isn't exactly great.
+ + Fill out stub functions for DOM3 core
+ + Rest of DOM level 3
+ + DOM level 2
+ + DOM level 1