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authorDaniel Silverstone <>2012-09-10 19:14:49 +0100
committerDaniel Silverstone <>2012-09-10 19:14:49 +0100
commita77488bab4732c30044b04e97d13707e03825bdf (patch)
treec2b056265adfe7acd76596ab5433d2ce7f227cd3 /test/testutils/domtsasserts.h
parentc733e0fbd053ffa80b83839c4114a2a28b3ed2ec (diff)
unsigned long -> uint32_t, signed long and long -> int32_t, plus collateral fixes. Test suite does not pass
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diff --git a/test/testutils/domtsasserts.h b/test/testutils/domtsasserts.h
index bc214e8..e18509c 100644
--- a/test/testutils/domtsasserts.h
+++ b/test/testutils/domtsasserts.h
@@ -30,10 +30,10 @@ bool is_null(void *arg);
bool is_same(void *excepted, void *actual);
bool is_same_int(int excepted, int actual);
-bool is_same_unsigned_long(unsigned long excepted, unsigned long actual);
+bool is_same_unsigned_int32_t(uint32_t excepted, uint32_t actual);
bool is_equals_int(int excepted, int actual, bool dummy);
-bool is_equals_unsigned_long(unsigned long excepted, unsigned long actual, bool dummy);
+bool is_equals_unsigned_int32_t(uint32_t excepted, uint32_t actual, bool dummy);
bool is_equals_bool(bool excepted, bool actual, bool dummy);
bool is_equals_string(const char *excepted, dom_string *actual,
bool ignoreCase);
@@ -45,9 +45,9 @@ bool is_equals_list(list *expected, list *actual, bool ignoreCase);
bool is_instanceof(const char *type, dom_node *node);
-bool is_size_domnamednodemap(unsigned long size, dom_namednodemap *map);
-bool is_size_domnodelist(unsigned long size, dom_nodelist *list);
-bool is_size_list(unsigned long size, list *list);
+bool is_size_domnamednodemap(uint32_t size, dom_namednodemap *map);
+bool is_size_domnodelist(uint32_t size, dom_nodelist *list);
+bool is_size_list(uint32_t size, list *list);
bool is_uri_equals(const char *scheme, const char *path, const char *host,
const char *file, const char *name, const char *query,