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diff --git a/include/dom/core/string.h b/include/dom/core/string.h
index 584db00..e3dfa30 100644
--- a/include/dom/core/string.h
+++ b/include/dom/core/string.h
@@ -63,6 +63,16 @@ dom_exception dom_string_concat(struct dom_string *s1, struct dom_string *s2,
dom_exception dom_string_substr(struct dom_string *str,
uint32_t i1, uint32_t i2, struct dom_string **result);
+/* Insert data into a dom string at the given location */
+dom_exception dom_string_insert(struct dom_string *target,
+ struct dom_string *source, uint32_t offset,
+ struct dom_string **result);
+/* Replace a section of a dom string */
+dom_exception dom_string_replace(struct dom_string *target,
+ struct dom_string *source, uint32_t i1, uint32_t i2,
+ struct dom_string **result);
/* Duplicate a dom string */
dom_exception dom_string_dup(struct dom_string *str,
struct dom_string **result);