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| * Anchor <a> elementrsk19942014-06-1123-3/+369
| * Mod Elementrsk19942014-06-1116-4/+235
| * Font Elementrsk19942014-06-1111-94/+338
| * LI <li> Elementrsk19942014-06-1110-9/+259
| * OList <ol> Elementrsk19942014-06-1111-4/+284
| * Ulist Elementrsk19942014-06-1110-5/+255
| * Label Elementrsk19942014-06-1113-4/+271
| * Br Elementrsk19942014-06-1110-3/+227
| * Pre Elementrsk19942014-06-119-5/+209
| * QUOTE <q> Elementrsk19942014-06-1110-3/+224
| * H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 & H6 Elementsrsk19942014-06-1114-3/+232
| * Paragraph Elementrsk19942014-06-118-2/+224
| * Div Elementrsk19942014-06-117-2/+219
| * Fieldset & Legend Elementsrsk19942014-06-1118-6/+508
| * Menu Elementrsk19942014-05-019-3/+209
| * Directory Elementrsk19942014-05-0110-5/+212
| * Dlist elementrsk19942014-05-019-2/+211
* Update component version for releaserelease/0.1.0Vincent Sanders2014-04-181-1/+1
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'parwana/hrtag3'Daniel Silverstone2014-03-1014-3/+274
| * final patch for adding hr tag to libdomrsk19942014-03-0514-3/+274
* make core string handling functions cope with NULL dom_string being passedVincent Sanders2014-01-241-2/+17
* ensure result value is propogated (coverity 1127073)Vincent Sanders2014-01-241-4/+7
* ensure dom_implementation_create_document_type() parameters are present (cove...Vincent Sanders2014-01-241-5/+7
* remove unreachable default (coverity 1127075)Vincent Sanders2014-01-241-2/+0
* remove logically unecessary checks (coverity 1127074)Vincent Sanders2014-01-241-4/+0
* fix sill automatic conversion typoVincent Sanders2014-01-241-1/+1
* Fix STRIP_TRAILING to work fully when COLLAPSE isn't requested.Michael Drake2014-01-241-2/+6
* Strip and collapse whitespace when gathering html option values.Michael Drake2014-01-235-3/+207
* Add support for multilibJohn-Mark Bell2014-01-132-3/+3
* Fix the form iterator testDaniel Silverstone2014-01-051-17/+8
* Remove a bunch of leaks but not reffing dom nodes from dom nodesDaniel Silverstone2014-01-054-81/+75
* Unref the form's collection on finaliseDaniel Silverstone2014-01-051-0/+3
* Prevent attempt to concatinate string with null.Michael Drake2013-12-271-7/+11
* Update for new hubbub API.Michael Drake2013-12-141-20/+0
* Don't allocate array when client asks for element classes, just give pointer ...Michael Drake2013-12-131-10/+4
* Fix some broken assertsDaniel Silverstone2013-11-171-2/+2
* remove unecessary null check (coverity 1127087)Vincent Sanders2013-11-081-3/+1
* fix resource leak in error path (coverity 1127082)Vincent Sanders2013-11-081-0/+2
* fix resource leak of lname in _dom_namespace_validate_qname() (coverity 1127083)Vincent Sanders2013-11-081-2/+4
* fix error handling in walk_logic_adjacent_text() (coverity 1127084)Vincent Sanders2013-11-081-5/+4
* ensure _dom_element_set_attr_node does not leak on error paths (coverity 1127...Vincent Sanders2013-11-081-3/+10
* dom_document_get_element_by_id increments the ref counter of any returned ele...Michael Drake2013-08-231-0/+3
* Compare the name and prefix directly. Since this avoids string concatination...Michael Drake2013-05-231-17/+5
* Name and prefix were already compared. Add sane namespace comparison. Remov...Michael Drake2013-05-231-7/+7
* Fix _dom_node_is_equal leaking all its refs. Replace C++ comments. Flag bro...Michael Drake2013-05-231-32/+65
* add a .gitattributes so .gitignore is not exportedrelease/0.0.1Vincent Sanders2013-04-181-0/+2
* Install html_options_collection.hJohn-Mark Bell2013-03-162-0/+2
* Notify user data handlers on deletionJohn-Mark Bell2013-02-221-0/+5
* add context for default action functionVincent Sanders2013-02-1912-17/+36
* Fix use of incorrect variable in dom_string(_caseless)_isequalJohn-Mark Bell2012-12-311-4/+4