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* Merge the branches/struggleyb/libdom-remain back to trunk.Bo Yang2009-08-111-404/+0
* Rationalise dom_string (some consideration is required as to what happens wrt...John Mark Bell2009-03-031-4/+1
* Fix up names of xml binding error enum valuesJohn Mark Bell2007-11-041-5/+5
* Fix up bindings buildsystem to permit multiple bindings to be built -- quite ...John Mark Bell2007-11-041-4/+3
* DOM Strings are now capable of containing either UTF-8 or UTF-16 encoded data.John Mark Bell2007-09-301-1/+4
* dom_initialise() and dom_finalise() are now completely public, rather than hi...John Mark Bell2007-09-291-11/+0
* Add finalisation method to libxml-libdom.John Mark Bell2007-09-291-0/+18
* Introduce global initialistaion/finalisation for DOM library. This should be ...John Mark Bell2007-09-291-0/+5
* Begin implementation of DocumentType classJohn Mark Bell2007-09-191-13/+24
* Implement xml-binding-specific dom_implementation_create_documentJohn Mark Bell2007-09-171-8/+46
* Comment fixesJohn Mark Bell2007-07-291-4/+4
* LibXML 2 binding for libdom.John Mark Bell2007-07-141-0/+344