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* Input Element checked on clicking fix and also fixed bubbling and cancelabilityRupinder Singh Khokhar2014-07-181-8/+23
* changing size attribute of Input Element to be of type intrsk19942014-06-111-1/+13
* Remove ability to dispatch a generic event as a ptr+len, and memoise all prev...Daniel Silverstone2012-11-031-16/+24
* unsigned long -> uint32_t, signed long and long -> int32_t, plus collateral f...Daniel Silverstone2012-09-101-8/+8
* Return value of -1 when asked to get value of long property that doesn't exis...Michael Drake2012-09-081-2/+2
* HTML{TextArea,Input,Button}Element: Do not ref the form, refs are for outside...Daniel Silverstone2012-07-221-14/+0
* HTML{Input,Button}Element: Clean up some of the local dataDaniel Silverstone2012-07-081-0/+10
* HTMLInputElement: Initial support and test enabling. Some TODOs leftDaniel Silverstone2012-07-081-1/+475
* Merge branches/struggleyb/libdom-html to trunk.John Mark Bell2010-08-301-0/+7