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* Fix: Proper copy constructor for HTMLObjectElement.Michael Drake2016-02-051-3/+32
* Simplified consistant interface to HTMLElement creation.Michael Drake2016-01-281-12/+10
| | | | Also fixes STYLE element not getting the correct namespace or prefix.
* Split out tag names from general string table and enum.Michael Drake2016-01-271-2/+2
| | | | | Previously these were mixed in the the document's general memoised strings. This also gives us an enum by which HTML elements can be identified.
* removed redundant variables & fixed leaksrupindersingh/libdom_recoveredRupinder Singh Khokhar2014-08-071-1/+0
* Object <object> Element.rsk19942014-06-111-0/+259
* Merge branches/struggleyb/libdom-html to trunk.John Mark Bell2010-08-301-0/+7
A few additional fixes to reduce the number of regressions to single figures. svn path=/trunk/dom/; revision=10724