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* Update character data get length property to use dom unsigned longVincent Sanders2015-10-311-1/+1
* Disable validation of element and attribute names in HTML DOM treesDaniel Silverstone2012-11-024-0/+0
* Fix tests and disable test cases where we don't match in signedness.Michael Drake2012-09-1125-0/+0
* CharacterData.delete: Fix this and enable 5 more testsDaniel Silverstone2012-07-055-0/+0
* CLEANIN: Remove vim .swp file from struggleybDaniel Silverstone2012-07-051-0/+0
* Re-disable all known failsDaniel Silverstone2012-03-2496-0/+0
* Re-disable specified value testsDaniel Silverstone2012-03-241-0/+0
* More working (or at least running) testsDaniel Silverstone2012-03-2395-0/+0
* Turn on some more working testsDaniel Silverstone2012-03-233-0/+0
* Remove vestigial domts C file and mark all known failures so test suite for l...Daniel Silverstone2010-12-05109-0/+0
* Make libdom work again given lack of init/finalise in hubbub and prepare init...Daniel Silverstone2010-12-0421-0/+0
* Merge DOMTS tests -- they're causing havoc with review diffs.John Mark Bell2009-07-30554-0/+27514