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authorJohn Mark Bell <>2008-03-11 22:03:28 +0000
committerJohn Mark Bell <>2008-03-11 22:03:28 +0000
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More treebuilder (
Make tree_handler a pointer rather than value. Check for tree_handler's presence in hubbub_treebuilder_token_handler rather than scattering checks all over the treebuilder code. Add test driver (doesn't actually build a tree but will exercise the core code correctly and verify that the treebuilder code releases all the node references it gains) Enhance quirks mode reporting to distinguish between standards, limited, and full quirks modes. svn path=/trunk/hubbub/; revision=3939
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diff --git a/include/hubbub/functypes.h b/include/hubbub/functypes.h
index ee8c429..ce95303 100644
--- a/include/hubbub/functypes.h
+++ b/include/hubbub/functypes.h
@@ -95,7 +95,7 @@ typedef int (*hubbub_tree_clone_node)(void *ctx, void *node, bool deep,
* Type of tree quirks mode notification function
-typedef int (*hubbub_tree_set_quirks_mode)(void *ctx, bool quirky);
+typedef int (*hubbub_tree_set_quirks_mode)(void *ctx, hubbub_quirks_mode mode);