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* Rationalise UNUSED macros. This changeset allows libnsfb to berjek/clang-warningsRob Kendrick (humdrum)2013-04-251-7/+8
| | | | | | | | | | | | | built warning-free both with Clang 3.3 (from trunk) and GCC 4.7. Remove the use of GCC-specific __attribute__ ((unused)) as this only works on declarations, meaning there is no "fallback" to use on compilers that are not GCC or clang. The (void)foo; approach works with both clang and GCC, and hopefully other compilers people might be using. The alternative would to have been two UNUSED macros, one for use in definitions, and one for use in function bodies.
* Split 32bpp support into xrgba, xbgr, and common. Should allow for BGR ↵Michael Drake2012-09-301-0/+74
surfaces as well as RGB.