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-libnsgif - Decoding GIF files
-The functions provided by this library allow for efficient progressive
-GIF decoding. Whilst the initialisation does not ensure that there is
-sufficient image data to complete the entire frame, it does ensure
-that the information provided is valid. Any subsequent attempts to
-decode an initialised GIF are guaranteed to succeed, and any bytes of
-the image not present are assumed to be totally transparent.
-To begin decoding a GIF, the 'gif' structure must be initialised with
-the 'gif_data' and 'buffer_size' set to their initial values. The
-'buffer_position' should initially be 0, and will be internally
-updated as the decoding commences. The caller should then repeatedly
-call gif_initialise() with the structure until the function returns 1,
-or no more data is avaliable.
-Once the initialisation has begun, the decoder completes the variables
-'frame_count' and 'frame_count_partial'. The former being the total
-number of frames that have been successfully initialised, and the
-latter being the number of frames that a partial amount of data is
-available for. This assists the caller in managing the animation
-whilst decoding is continuing.
-To decode a frame, the caller must use gif_decode_frame() which
-updates the current 'frame_image' to reflect the desired frame. The
-required 'disposal_method' is also updated to reflect how the frame
-should be plotted. The caller must not assume that the current
-'frame_image' will be valid between calls if initialisation is still
-occuring, and should either always request that the frame is decoded
-(no processing will occur if the 'decoded_frame' has not been
-invalidated by initialisation) or perform the check itself.
-It should be noted that gif_finalise() should always be called, even
-if no frames were initialised. Additionally, it is the responsibility
-of the caller to free 'gif_data'.