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authorSean Fox <>2008-06-18 19:04:19 +0000
committerSean Fox <>2008-06-18 19:04:19 +0000
commita37a2ca5e25a2691e28135cb7c3c4d92506cc736 (patch)
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Altered bitmap callback table structure name for libnsgif to avoid ambiguity when bmp library is created
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diff --git a/libnsgif.h b/libnsgif.h
index c02d229..dd5d759 100644
--- a/libnsgif.h
+++ b/libnsgif.h
@@ -67,14 +67,14 @@ typedef void (*bitmap_cb_modified)(void *bitmap);
/* The Bitmap callbacks function table
-typedef struct bitmap_callback_vt_s {
+typedef struct gif_bitmap_callback_vt_s {
bitmap_cb_create bitmap_create; /**< Create a bitmap. */
bitmap_cb_destroy bitmap_destroy; /**< Free a bitmap. */
bitmap_cb_get_buffer bitmap_get_buffer; /**< Return a pointer to the pixel data in a bitmap. */
bitmap_cb_set_opaque bitmap_set_opaque; /**< Sets whether a bitmap should be plotted opaque. */
bitmap_cb_test_opaque bitmap_test_opaque; /**< Tests whether a bitmap has an opaque alpha channel. */
bitmap_cb_modified bitmap_modified; /**< The bitmap image has changed, so flush any persistant cache. */
-} bitmap_callback_vt;
+} gif_bitmap_callback_vt;
/* The GIF animation data
@@ -101,8 +101,8 @@ typedef struct gif_animation {
int current_error; /**< current error type, or 0 for none*/
} gif_animation;
-int gif_initialise(struct gif_animation *gif, bitmap_callback_vt *bitmap_callbacks);
-int gif_decode_frame(struct gif_animation *gif, unsigned int frame, bitmap_callback_vt *bitmap_callbacks);
-void gif_finalise(struct gif_animation *gif, bitmap_callback_vt *bitmap_callbacks);
+int gif_initialise(struct gif_animation *gif, gif_bitmap_callback_vt *bitmap_callbacks);
+int gif_decode_frame(struct gif_animation *gif, unsigned int frame, gif_bitmap_callback_vt *bitmap_callbacks);
+void gif_finalise(struct gif_animation *gif, gif_bitmap_callback_vt *bitmap_callbacks);