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diff --git a/src/cos_object.h b/src/cos_object.h
index 65b3ed5..8d1449d 100644
--- a/src/cos_object.h
+++ b/src/cos_object.h
@@ -83,7 +83,12 @@ struct cos_object {
} u;
-int cos_decode_object(struct pdf_doc *doc, uint64_t *offset_out, struct cos_object **cosobj_out);
+ * Decode input stream into an object
+ *
+ * lex and parse a byte stream to generate a COS object.
+ */
+nspdferror cos_decode_object(struct pdf_doc *doc, uint64_t *offset_out, struct cos_object **cosobj_out);
nspdferror cos_free_object(struct cos_object *cos_obj);
@@ -91,8 +96,9 @@ nspdferror cos_dictionary_get_value(struct cos_object *dict, const char *key, st
nspdferror cos_dictionary_extract_value(struct cos_object *dict, const char *key, struct cos_object **value_out);
-nspdferror cos_get_int(struct cos_object *cobj, int64_t *value_out);
-nspdferror cos_get_dictionary(struct cos_object *cobj, struct cos_object **value_out);
+nspdferror cos_get_int(struct pdf_doc *doc, struct cos_object *cobj, int64_t *value_out);
+nspdferror cos_get_dictionary(struct pdf_doc *doc, struct cos_object *cobj, struct cos_object **value_out);