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* split out cross reference table handling to separate moduleVincent Sanders2018-01-068-201/+309
* split out page handling into new moduleVincent Sanders2018-01-054-113/+142
* add metadata interfaceVincent Sanders2017-12-315-12/+187
* make an actual libraryVincent Sanders2017-12-309-187/+162
* decode page treeVincent Sanders2017-12-284-5/+284
* add more data acessorsVincent Sanders2017-12-264-48/+182
* decode indirect objectsVincent Sanders2017-12-243-26/+71
* fix null object decode and improve reference object decode a bitVincent Sanders2017-12-243-17/+46
* clean up error handling and start decoding of indirect objectsVincent Sanders2017-12-246-94/+191
* split code up a bitVincent Sanders2017-12-217-1068/+1139
* extract all trailer dataVincent Sanders2017-12-211-18/+89
* fix xref table buildingVincent Sanders2017-12-212-85/+172
* fix hex string decode and trailer parseVincent Sanders2017-12-192-153/+384
* write parse of stringsVincent Sanders2017-12-194-44/+238
* split out byte classVincent Sanders2017-12-154-89/+195
* add clean targetVincent Sanders2017-12-151-1/+4
* arrays workVincent Sanders2017-07-141-2/+80
* got references parsingVincent Sanders2017-07-131-36/+192
* initial xref and basic cos object decodeVincent Sanders2017-07-122-0/+923