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* add missing mach includesVincent Sanders2014-11-271-0/+2
* Implement monotonic time fetch for MACH systemsVincent Sanders2014-11-271-2/+13
* fix include positionVincent Sanders2014-11-271-4/+8
* add fallback for RISC OS monotonic timerVincent Sanders2014-11-271-6/+26
* move to using POSIX monotonic clock if availableVincent Sanders2014-11-262-1/+10
* fix monotonic timer API namingVincent Sanders2014-11-262-2/+2
* Fix error enum to not conflict and add monotonic time implementationVincent Sanders2014-11-266-47/+55
* add initial monotonic timer APIVincent Sanders2014-11-263-1/+57
* Fix base64 API doxygen commentsVincent Sanders2014-11-261-0/+22
* fix base64 implementation namespaceVincent Sanders2014-11-263-8/+12
* Add missing pkg-config and make installableVincent Sanders2014-11-193-1/+13
* Initial nsutils library with base64 implementation an testsVincent Sanders2014-11-1811-0/+436