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* Sync Aliases file with hubbubJohn Mark Bell2010-12-041-1/+2
* Remove init/final code and turn aliases into static data structure. r=vinceDaniel Silverstone2010-12-042-0/+426
* Port to new buildsystemJohn Mark Bell2009-03-242-177/+0
* Doxygen-generated API documentationJohn Mark Bell2009-01-092-1/+1244
* Fix install target's use of DESTDIR. sigh.John Mark Bell2008-09-181-6/+6
* OS X friendly install invocationJohn Mark Bell2008-09-101-7/+6
* Make install/uninstall non-silentJohn Mark Bell2008-09-091-9/+9
* Make install/uninstall consider DESTDIRJohn Mark Bell2008-09-091-14/+14
* Native RO makefile. Don't expect anything other than make/make debug to actua...John Mark Bell2008-09-071-2/+2
* Dependency trackingJohn Mark Bell2008-09-051-4/+41
* Make the export target actually usefulJohn Mark Bell2008-09-051-4/+3
* Allow for non-versioned local configuration changesJohn Mark Bell2008-09-051-0/+2
* Tidy up CFLAGS/LDFLAGSJohn Mark Bell2008-09-051-1/+1
* Remove the iconv codec. It serves no purpose.John Mark Bell2008-09-051-3/+0
* Perl script to convert Unicode mapping tables to C structuresJohn Mark Bell2008-09-041-0/+49
* Import parser construction utility libraryJohn Mark Bell2008-05-012-0/+137