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* Merge imported librosprite onto trunkJohn Mark Bell2010-02-131-840/+0
* Fix bug when the first pixel has <100% transparency, was calling fix_alpha() ...James Shaw2008-07-191-1/+1
* Add MIT licenseJames Shaw2008-03-311-0/+7
* Fix bug where high colour sprites that weren't 32bpp RGB wouldn't get rendere...James Shaw2008-03-311-17/+19
* More documentationJames Shaw2008-03-271-14/+58
* More docs, add function decls for private functions, put them in a more James Shaw2008-03-271-334/+349
* Start adding doxygen documentation to the library interface.James Shaw2008-03-261-60/+57
* Change all functions to return an error code, with the result James Shaw2008-03-261-42/+64
* Refactor file and memory reader functions, and sprite_read_word(), to James Shaw2008-03-251-28/+49
* Implement a memory loader, which probably doesn't work yetJames Shaw2008-03-231-0/+30
* Rename load_file to just load(), since we can now load from any sourceJames Shaw2008-03-231-1/+1
* Rename libsprite to librospriteJames Shaw2008-03-231-0/+702