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-LibWapCaplet - a string internment library
+LibWapcaplet - a string internment library
-LibWapCaplet provides a reference counted string internment system
+LibWapcaplet provides a reference counted string internment system
designed to store small strings and allow rapid comparison of them in
terms of equality. It supports a caseless comparison where it will
automatically intern a lowercased variant of the string and use that
@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@ for comparison if needed.
-Prior to LibWapCaplet, LibParserUtils contained a dictionary and hash
+Prior to LibWapcaplet, LibParserUtils contained a dictionary and hash
implementation along with a red-black tree implementation
internally. These three things were then used by client applications
and libraries such as LibCSS. However, the code was deemed to be
@@ -22,10 +22,16 @@ required of the client libraries was therefore split out so that
internment would still be able to be shared between different client
libraries in the same application. (E.g. LibCSS and Hubbub)
+For those interested, The name 'Wapcaplet' is from the Monty Python
+sketch in which Mr Simpson (who is not French) attempts to sell
+122,000 miles of string which was unfortunately cut up into 3 inch
+lengths, and Adrian Wapcaplet comes up with the idea of "Simpson's
+individual emperor stringettes - Just the right length!"
-To compile LibWapCaplet you need:
+To compile LibWapcaplet you need:
* GNU Make 3.80 or better
* A version of GCC capable of -MMD -MF (unless you change the build
@@ -38,9 +44,9 @@ To compile the test suite you need:
-To build LibWapCaplet in debug mode, type 'make'. To build it in
+To build LibWapcaplet in debug mode, type 'make'. To build it in
release mode type 'make TARGET=release'. To install, run 'make
-install'. If you wish to install LibWapCaplet into somewhere other
+install'. If you wish to install LibWapcaplet into somewhere other
than /usr/local/ then add PREFIX=/path/to/place to the installation
make command.