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This surface type has been removed.
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<p>NetSurf's framebuffer front end has no particular operating system or GUI toolkit requirements. Its mouse pointer, all its widgets etc, are drawn though NetSurf's internal plotters, the same rendering interface used to draw web pages. This makes the framebuffer front end highly portable. Currently the framebuffer front end can target the following framebuffer surface providers:</p>
-<dt>The Linux framebuffer</dt>
-<dd>Output to a Linux framebuffer and input from Linux input event device nodes. The output device may be specified and defaults to <code style="color:#46a;">/dev/fb0</code>. The input node search path may also be specified, and defaults to <code style="color:#46a;">/dev/input/</code>.</dd>
<dd>The SDL surface is a straightforward port to the SDL library which is available for many operating systems. This allows the framebuffer NetSurf front end to be run inside a desktop window, making development easier.</dd>