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minor release process updates discovered in the 3.10 process
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diff --git a/release/allsource.mdwn b/release/allsource.mdwn
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--- a/release/allsource.mdwn
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@@ -65,6 +65,8 @@ The modified submodules should then be added ready for commit
ensure the component version in the Makefile has been updated
+Update the `` as appropriate with rease version numbers etc.
finally tag the branch for release
git tag -s -m 'Official Release' release/<version number>
diff --git a/release/netsurfbuildsystem.mdwn b/release/netsurfbuildsystem.mdwn
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--- a/release/netsurfbuildsystem.mdwn
+++ b/release/netsurfbuildsystem.mdwn
@@ -39,23 +39,23 @@ Ensure the ca-bundle is updated
-create a branch releasing/\<version number\> and switch to it
+create a branch `releasing/<version number>` and switch to it
- git branch releasing/3.8
- git checkout releasing/3.8
+ git branch releasing/3.11
+ git checkout releasing/3.11
update desktop/version.c to something like
#include "testament.h"
- const char * const netsurf_version = "3.8 (25th April 2016)";
+ const char * const netsurf_version = "3.11 (25th April 2016)";
const int netsurf_version_major = 3;
- const int netsurf_version_minor = 8;
+ const int netsurf_version_minor = 11;
update frontends/amiga/version.c along the same lines
commit to the branch
@@ -73,12 +73,12 @@ ensure this shown the correct repo and the release tag something like
[gitano] Welcome to the NetSurf Gitano instance.
To ssh://
- * [new tag] release/3.7 -> release/3.7
+ * [new tag] release/3.11 -> release/3.11
Next the branch must be merged back to master.
git checkout master
- git merge -s ours heads/releasing/3.7
+ git merge -s ours heads/releasing/3.11
Then edit desktop/version.c and frontends/amiga/version.c ready for the next release cycle
@@ -87,8 +87,8 @@ Then edit desktop/version.c and frontends/amiga/version.c ready for the next rel
Remove releasing branch
- git branch -d releasing/3.8
- Deleted branch releasing/3.8 (was 66fe825c8).
+ git branch -d releasing/3.11
+ Deleted branch releasing/3.11 (was 66fe825c8).
finally push master
diff --git a/release/process.mdwn b/release/process.mdwn
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--- a/release/process.mdwn
+++ b/release/process.mdwn
@@ -29,7 +29,7 @@ after the buildsystem.
Delete the `public_suffix_list.dat` file and run make, this will cause a
fresh copy to be downloaded and converted. You will need the correct
-perl modules installed for this step.
+perl modules installed for this step (at least debian package libidna-punycode-perl).
The [[release process|release/corebuildsystem]] is then the same as
any other module using the core buildsystem.