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improve release process with bits that were found after 3.10 process
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@@ -63,7 +63,8 @@ The modified submodules should then be added ready for commit
git add buildsystem libcss libdom libhubbub libnsbmp libnsfb libnsgif libparserutils librosprite libsvgtiny libwapcaplet netsurf nsgenbind
git commit -m 'Update submodules for 3.7 release'
-ensure the component version in the Makefile has been updated
+check the `COMPONENT_VERSION` in the root Makefile matches the version
+number you are releasing, if not change it and commit it so it does.
Update the `` as appropriate with rease version numbers etc.
diff --git a/release/netsurfbuildsystem.mdwn b/release/netsurfbuildsystem.mdwn
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@@ -80,9 +80,9 @@ Next the branch must be merged back to master.
git checkout master
git merge -s ours heads/releasing/3.11
-Then edit desktop/version.c and frontends/amiga/version.c ready for the next release cycle
+Then edit `desktop/version.c` , `frontends/amiga/version.c` and `utils/` ready for the next release cycle
- git add desktop/version.c frontends/amiga/version.c
+ git add desktop/version.c frontends/amiga/version.c utils/
git commit -m 'Update version for next development cycle'
Remove releasing branch