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* Text layout (maybe).
* Selection cleanups.
+Write ups
+Current Forms Handling
+### DOM / Gadget syncronisation
+Currently both the DOM and the NetSurf gadget for form input elements
+store a representation of the current state of the form element.
+JavaScript can modifiy the representation in the DOM. Users can
+modifiy the repreentation in the form gadget.
+There is a `form_gadget_sync_with_dom()` in NetSurf's `form.c`.
+This syncronises the data both ways. If the DOM has changed, then
+the gadget representation is updated, and if the gadget has changed
+then the DOM is updated. If both have changed, the gadget version
+The `form_gadget_sync_with_dom()` is called from:
+* **[html/dom_event.c]** The DOMSubtreeModified callback.
+* **[html/form.c]** The `form_gadget_update_value()` function, which is called
+ from:
+ * **[html/box_textarea.c]** The desktop/textarea widget callback for
+ * **[html/html.c] The file upload handling in
+ `html_set_file_gadget_filename()`.
+* **[html/forms.c]** The `parse_input_element` function, which ends up getting
+ called during box tree construction of the special box elements in
+ **[html/box_special.c]**.