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@@ -215,7 +215,6 @@ ImgStyle1:Directement sur l'écran
ImgStyle3:Avec diffusion d'erreur
# Menu items used in the Amiga version.
# Some of these are copies of other strings but without the
# embedded shortcut keys. (NS suffix = No Shortcut)
@@ -247,7 +246,6 @@ Settings:Settings
SnapshotWindow:Snapshot window
SettingsSave:Save settings
# Treeview interface tokens
# =========================
@@ -342,6 +340,48 @@ Unwritten:L'écriture de données dans le fichier a échoué.
amiDownload:%ld of %ld bytes downloaded
amiDownloadU:%ld bytes downloaded
+# GTK download window tokens
+# This section contains tokens which are used in the gtk
+# download window.
+gtkSizeInfo:%s of %s
+gtkProgressBar:%.0f%% of %u files
+gtkProgressBarPulse:Downloading %u files
+gtkProgressBarPulseSingle:Downloading %u file
+# Column Headers
+# Status Messages
+# spaces necessary
+gtkError: Error
+gtkComplete: Complete
+gtkCanceled: Canceled
+gtkWorking: Working
+# Dialogs
+gtkQuit:Quit NetSurf?
+gtkDownloadsRunning:There are still downloads running, if you quit now these will be canceled and the files deleted.
+gtkStartDownload:Download file?
+gtkOverwrite:A file named "%s" already exists. Do you want to replace it?
+gtkOverwriteInfo:The file already exists in "%s". Replacing it will overwrite its contents.
+gtkFailed:Download failed
+gtkFileError:File error: %s
+gtkInfo:%s from %s is %s in size
+gtkSave:Save file as...
+gtkUnknownHost:an unknown host
# Printing user interface tokens
# ==============================
@@ -1033,12 +1073,11 @@ con_theme:Thèmes
# These tokens appear to be unused at the current time.
-# Tree export
TreeHistory:Historique de NetSurf
ExportAs:Exporter sous
-Copy:Copier vers le presse-papier ^C
FilterImg:Adoucir les images
RenderText:Panachage du texte sur le fond
+Copy:Copier vers le presse-papier ^C