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Get .fr and .nl Messages back in sync.
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# ignored.
+# Globals
+NetSurfCopyright:Copyright © 2003 - 2011 The NetSurf Developers
# Menus
# =====
@@ -29,7 +32,6 @@
# Iconbar menu
AppHelp:Hulp... F1
@@ -347,6 +349,7 @@ TreeDelete:Delete
TreeDefault:Set as default
TreeClear:Clear default
# Tree export
TreeHotlist:NetSurf bladwijzers
@@ -384,6 +387,7 @@ HotlistFeatureRequest:NetSurf feature requests
GlobalHistory:Historie (globaal)
+DomainAll:(All domains)
Date1Week:vorige week
@@ -457,6 +461,7 @@ gtkQuit:Quit NetSurf?
gtkDownloadsRunning:There are still downloads running, if you quit now these will be canceled and the files deleted.
gtkStartDownload:Download file?
gtkOverwrite:A file named "%s" already exists. Do you want to replace it?
+gtkOverwriteTitle:File exists
gtkOverwriteInfo:The file already exists in "%s". Replacing it will overwrite its contents.
gtkFailed:Download failed
gtkFileError:File error: %s
@@ -464,8 +469,10 @@ gtkInfo:%s from %s is %s in size
gtkSave:Save file as...
gtkSourceSave:Save Source
gtkSourceTabError:Error handling source data
-gtkPlainSave:Save as text
-gtkFullSave:Save webpage complete - select an empty directory
+gtkplainSave:Save as text
+gtkcompleteSave:Save webpage complete - select an empty directory
+gtkSaveConfirm:File saved
+gtkSaveCancelled:File not saved
gtkUnknownHost:an unknown host
@@ -473,6 +480,13 @@ gtkUnknownSize:unknown
# gtk Menu / Button labels
gtkNewTab:New _Tab
gtkNewWindow:_New Window
@@ -551,6 +565,8 @@ gtkGlobalHistoryAccel:<ctrl><shift>h
gtkAddBookMarks:_Add to Bookmarks..
gtkShowBookMarks:_Show Bookmarks..
+gtkShowCookies:Show _Cookies…
gtkOpenLocation:_Open Location..
@@ -566,6 +582,10 @@ gtkGuide:User _guide
gtkUserInformation:User _information
+gtkOpentab:Open Link in _New Tab
+gtkOpenwin:Open Link in New Window
+gtkSavelink:Save Link
gtkToolBarTitle:Toolbar custom button store
gtkAddThemeTitle:Select folder containing theme images
@@ -730,10 +750,6 @@ DownloadWarn:Dit bestand is misschien niet compleet opgehaald:
MiscError:Er trad een onverwachtte fout op:
FileError:Bestand bestaat niet:
PrintError:Fout tijdens printen:
-AWNotSeen:Zoek eerst de AWViewer applicatie en probeer het dan nog eens.
-EncNotRec:Encoding type not recognised.
-FileOpenError:could not open file '%s'
-DirectoryError:directory '%s' already exists
# Specific errors - displayed in a dialog box
@@ -753,7 +769,10 @@ URIError:NetSurf was unable to parse this URI file due to a syntax error.
SearchError:Invalid Search.
EmptyError:bestand is leeg.
PrintErrorRO2:De printer lijkt al bezig te zijn.
-AWNotSeen:Please locate the AWViewer application and try again.
+AWNotSeen:Zoek eerst de AWViewer applicatie en probeer het dan nog eens.
+EncNotRec:Encoding type not recognised.
+FileOpenError:could not open file '%s'
+DirectoryError:directory '%s' already exists
# Error messages for Amiga version only
CompError:Unable to open
@@ -976,6 +995,7 @@ HelpBrowserMenu1-0-0:\Rsee information about the current item.
HelpBrowserMenu1-0-1:\Rsave the current item.
HelpBrowserMenu1-0-2:\Rsee the export options.
HelpBrowserMenu1-0-2-0:\Rsave the image as a Sprite.
+HelpBrowserMenu1-0-2-1:\Rsave the image as a DrawFile
HelpBrowserMenu1-0-3:\Rsave the address of the current item.
HelpBrowserMenu1-0-3-0:\Rsave the current item's address in Acorn URI format.
HelpBrowserMenu1-0-3-1:\Rsave the current item's address in Ant URL format.