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Apply contributions from Mark Benjamin and Chris Tarnowski, with some reworking from me. Beware; glade nastyness ahead.
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diff --git a/!NetSurf/Resources/en/Messages b/!NetSurf/Resources/en/Messages
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--- a/!NetSurf/Resources/en/Messages
+++ b/!NetSurf/Resources/en/Messages
@@ -415,11 +415,15 @@ gtkQuit:Quit NetSurf?
gtkDownloadsRunning:There are still downloads running, if you quit now these will be canceled and the files deleted.
gtkStartDownload:Download file?
gtkOverwrite:A file named "%s" already exists. Do you want to replace it?
+gtkOverwriteTitle:File exists
gtkOverwriteInfo:The file already exists in "%s". Replacing it will overwrite its contents.
gtkFailed:Download failed
gtkFileError:File error: %s
gtkInfo:%s from %s is %s in size
gtkSave:Save file as...
+gtkSourceSave:Save source
+gtkSaveConfirm:File saved
+gtkSaveCancelled:File not saved
gtkUnknownHost:an unknown host
@@ -562,6 +566,7 @@ URIError:NetSurf was unable to parse this URI file due to a syntax error.
EmptyError:file is empty.
PrintErrorRO2:It appears that the printer is busy.
AWNotSeen:Please locate the AWViewer application and try again.
+EncNotRec:Encoding type not recognised.
# Error messages for Amiga version only
NoMode:No matching mode in screens database