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Add a note about how to get the best speed out of the OS4 version. Mostly this is to
encourage people to use 32-bit screenmodes :) svn path=/trunk/netsurf/; revision=8333
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@{"Hotlist menu " link Hotlist}
@{"Local MIME types " link MIMETypes}
+@{"Optimising for speed" link Speed}
@{"Credits " link Contact}
@@ -139,6 +141,18 @@ The Installer script will set the MIMETYPE tooltype on basic relevant default fi
2. The icon ENVARC:Sys/def_<filetype> contains the MIMETYPE tooltype.
+@node Speed "Optimising for speed"
+There are a number of options which can be changed that will affect the speed of NetSurf's rendering. Here are a list of the fastest settings which may help decrease rendering time on slower platforms:
+@{lindent 2}* Ensure NetSurf is running on a @{b}32-bit screen@{ub} if possible. NetSurf down-converts from 32-bit ARGB for display, which can impact performance.@{lindent}
+@{lindent 2}* In preferences, General tab, enable @{b}Fast scrolling@{ub}.@{lindent}
+@{lindent 2}* In preferences, Rendering tab set:
+@{b}Cache native versions@{ub} to @{b}Scaled@{ub} (or preferably @{b}All@{ub}, but this will use more graphics mem, and scaling images is a bigger performance hit)
+@{b}Deselect @{b}Higher quality scaling@{ub}, this will be very slow if not done in hardware.@{lindent}
@node contact "Credits"
NetSurf was ported to AmigaOS 4 by Chris Young