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BeOS build instructions: advise to use Quick-Start method
It is now fully supported on Haiku, so let anyone interested know. Unfortunately BeOS will still need the manual build, and it can't work because Duktape is C99 only. I'll let mmu_man handle that, I don't need the BeOS port myself.
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This document provides instructions for building the BeOS and Haiku version
of NetSurf and provides guidance on obtaining NetSurf's build dependencies.
- BeOS NetSurf has been tested on Zeta only for now. There are still some
+ BeOS NetSurf has been tested on Zeta and Haiku only for now. There are still some
issues to sort out for other BeOS versions.
+ Quick Start
- There are still pending fixes against SVN before it can be build from BeOS
- or Haiku.
+ See the QUICK-START document, which provides a simple environment with
+ which you can fetch, build and install NetSurf and its dependencies.
+ The QUICK-START is the recommended way to build NetSurf for Haiku. BeOS needs too much manual
+ hacking to be built this way.
- Building and executing NetSurf
+ Manual building
- To build NetSurf on a BeOS or Haiku, provided you have the relevant
+ To build NetSurf on a BeOS, provided you have the relevant
build dependencies installed, simply run:
$ make
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The NetSurf project has developed several libraries which are required by
- the browser. To fetch each of these libraries, run the appropriate commands
- from the Docs/LIBRARIES file.
+ the browser. These are:
+ BuildSystem -- Shared build system, needed to build the other libraries
+ LibParserUtils -- Parser building utility functions
+ LibWapcaplet -- String internment
+ Hubbub -- HTML5 compliant HTML parser
+ LibCSS -- CSS parser and selection engine
+ LibNSGIF -- GIF format image decoder
+ LibNSBMP -- BMP and ICO format image decoder
+ LibROSprite -- RISC OS Sprite format image decoder
+ To fetch each of these libraries, run the appropriate commands from the
+ Docs/LIBRARIES file, from within your workspace directory.
To build and install these libraries, simply enter each of their directories
and run:
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TODO: add some more here.
+ Additional requirements for BeOS
+ On Haiku, other libraries and tools are either shipped with the system or available through the
+ package repositories. For BeOS based systems, you will need to install and update all the
+ required tools, as described below.
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NetSurf might build on BeOS R5 but probably won't work on anything else than
- This will pull in loads of things, like all the GTK dev libraries, the PNG
- and JPEG libraries, colour management libraries, zlib, OpenSSL etc that
- NetSurf also depends on.