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Type functions
The type-specific functions for a content are as follows (where 'type' is
replaced by something):
@@ -104,3 +105,23 @@ is provided by the fetchcache functions, which check the memory cache for a url
and fetch, convert, and cache it if not present.
The fetch module provides a low-level URL fetching interface.
+Adding support for a new content type
+Addition of support for new content types is fairly simple and the process is
+as follows:
+- Implement, or at least stub out, the new content type handler. See the
+ <<typefunc,Type Functions>> section above for details of the type handler API.
+- Add a type value to the 'content_type' enumeration (content_type.h)
+- Add an entry for the new type's private data in the 'data' union within
+ 'struct content' (content.h)
+- Add appropriate mappings in the 'mime_map' table from MIME type strings to
+ the 'content_type' value created. (content.c)
+- Add a textual name for the new content type to 'content_type_name'. This
+ array is indexed by 'content_type'. (content.c)
+- Add an entry for the new content type's handler in the 'handler_map' array.
+ This array is indexed by 'content_type'. (content.c)
+For examples of content type handlers, consult the image/ directory. The JPEG
+handler is fairly self-explanatory. \ No newline at end of file