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+Coding Style
+NetSurf's source is organised in modules. A module usually consists of a .c and
+.h file. For example the html module is in html.c and html.h.
+All functions (including static functions) in a module should start <module>_,
+for example html_create(), html_process_data(), etc. This makes functions easy
+to find and names unique through the source, which is helpful for backtraces,
+documentation, etc.
+Global variables in a module (including static) should also start <module>_.
+Static functions should all be declared at the top.
+Put functions in a logical order, for example any init function first, then
+functions it calls, then the next externally available function, functions it
+calls, etc.
+We use K&R style, tabs for indent, 80 characters wide,