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change the framebuffer frontend way of disabling the toolbar
This changes the toolbar disabling from the empty string (which is impossible to configure) to the q (for quiet) specifier
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@@ -96,18 +96,22 @@ Configuring
The layout of the toolbar, layout uses a string to define buttons
type and position each character adds an element to the toolbar:
- b - back
- l - local history
- f - forward
- s - stop
- r - refresh
+ b - Move back in history
+ l - Display the local history
+ f - Move forward in history
+ s - stop fetching content
+ r - refresh content
u - url bar expands to fit remaining space
t - throbber/activity indicator
c - close the current window
+ q - Disable The toolbar altogether
+ If the option contains only the q specifier the toolbar is
+ disabled altogether (this was previously the empty string but that
+ was difficult to configure correctly).
The default layout is "blfsrutc" there should be no more than a
- single url bar entry. If the option is set to the empty string (no
- spaces permitted) the toolbar is disabled altogether.
+ single url bar entry.
Whether the on screen keyboard should be enabled for input.