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Add simple, experimental Makefile.config support.
* GTK-specific features, such as RSVG and librosprite, can be set to one of three options; YES, NO or AUTO. AUTO will attempt to auto-detect its availability and enable it if it is available. * Haru PDF export/printing is enabled via this also. It lacks a pkg-config file and works on RISC OS too, and thus has no auto-detection. Disabling it disables the PDF-related menu entries in nsgtk. svn path=/trunk/netsurf/; revision=4747
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+# NetSurf build configuration
+# Some of these options support an 'AUTO' option, as well as YES and NO. If
+# AUTO is set, the Makefile will attempt to detect if that feature is available
+# Use libharu to enable PDF export and GTK printing support. There is no
+# auto-detection available for this, as it does not have a pkg-config file.
+# The following options are GTK-specific
+ifeq ($(TARGET),gtk)
+# Use librsvg in conjunction with Cairo to render SVG images
+# Use James Shaw's librosprite for rendering RISC OS Sprites