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netsurf_init expects a char ***, not a char **
Change command template so URL is a keyword. This avoids the platform code re-interpreting core options (eg -v as a URL). Move screen open code slightly so "NetSurf ?" shows the template visibly, rather than opening an empty screen and the user not knowing what is happening. svn path=/trunk/netsurf/; revision=10224
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@@ -470,10 +470,10 @@
; Unfortunately saving URL prefs overwrites the markers making it
; necessary to ask whether the user wants to add NetSurf to launch-handler.
(working "Adding NetSurf to launch-handler config")
- (p_fitr "ENVARC:launch-handler/URL/FILE.LH" "ClientName=\"NETSURF\" ClientPath=\"APPDIR:NETSURF\" CMDFORMAT=\"*\"file:///%s*\"\"")
- (p_fitr "ENVARC:launch-handler/URL/HTTP.LH" "ClientName=\"NETSURF\" ClientPath=\"APPDIR:NETSURF\" CMDFORMAT=\"*\"http://%s*\"\"")
- (p_fitr "ENVARC:launch-handler/URL/HTTPS.LH" "ClientName=\"NETSURF\" ClientPath=\"APPDIR:NETSURF\" CMDFORMAT=\"*\"https://%s*\"\"")
- (p_fitr "ENVARC:launch-handler/URL/WWW.LH" "ClientName=\"NETSURF\" ClientPath=\"APPDIR:NETSURF\" CMDFORMAT=\"*\"http://www.%s*\"\"")
+ (p_fitr "ENVARC:launch-handler/URL/FILE.LH" "ClientName=\"NETSURF\" ClientPath=\"APPDIR:NETSURF\" CMDFORMAT=\"URL=*\"file:///%s*\"\"")
+ (p_fitr "ENVARC:launch-handler/URL/HTTP.LH" "ClientName=\"NETSURF\" ClientPath=\"APPDIR:NETSURF\" CMDFORMAT=\"URL=*\"http://%s*\"\"")
+ (p_fitr "ENVARC:launch-handler/URL/HTTPS.LH" "ClientName=\"NETSURF\" ClientPath=\"APPDIR:NETSURF\" CMDFORMAT=\"URL=*\"https://%s*\"\"")
+ (p_fitr "ENVARC:launch-handler/URL/WWW.LH" "ClientName=\"NETSURF\" ClientPath=\"APPDIR:NETSURF\" CMDFORMAT=\"URL=*\"http://www.%s*\"\"")
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@node cli "Command line options"
-NetSurf URL
-URL = address of page to open on startup.
+URL = Address of page to open on startup
+FORCE = Force new instance of NetSurf to open
+Note that there may be other generic options which can also be specified.
@node options "Options file"