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Build libparserutils (and NetSurf) against libiconv instead of newlib's iconv.
This fixes the bug with lpu's iconv filter causing freezing on OS4 NetSurf. With an appropriate font (eg. Bitstream Cyberbit) Japanese characters will now display. Test websites work, but proper Japanese websites cause an assert which may be caused by amiga/font.c incorrect text size calculations. svn path=/trunk/netsurf/; revision=10546
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diff --git a/amiga/pkg/makepackage b/amiga/pkg/makepackage
index b04d4196d..701847732 100755
--- a/amiga/pkg/makepackage
+++ b/amiga/pkg/makepackage
@@ -13,13 +13,13 @@ delete ram:netsurf/resources/options
copy resources/Pointers/~(.svn) ram:NetSurf/Resources/Pointers
copy (COPYING|ChangeLog) ram:NetSurf/
copy NetSurf ram:NetSurf/NetSurf
-copy NetSurf_Cairo ram:NetSurf/NetSurf_Cairo
+copy NetSurf-Cairo ram:NetSurf/NetSurf-Cairo
copy amiga/dist/AutoInstall ram:
copy amiga/dist/~(.svn|AutoInstall) ram:NetSurf/
copy amiga/pkg/fitr ram:NetSurf/
makedir ram:NetSurf/Rexx
copy amiga/dist/Rexx/~(.svn) ram:NetSurf/Rexx/ COM
makedir ram:NetSurf/SObjs
-copy ram:NetSurf/SObjs clone
+copy ram:NetSurf/SObjs clone
; \ No newline at end of file