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authorOle Loots <>2011-11-28 23:23:28 +0000
committerOle Loots <>2011-11-28 23:23:28 +0000
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I'm actually trying to simplify the frontend code, changes:
- Optimized browser window caret, uses back-buffer now. ( So no content redraw is scheduled by the frontend just for a caret move ) - Fixed a double redraw issue when the browser reformat is pending and the AES also sends an redraw request because of the resize. - Started to use netsurfs textarea instead of a custom implementation ( to reduce code size ). svn path=/trunk/netsurf/; revision=13191
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diff --git a/atari/browser_win.h b/atari/browser_win.h
index a17cb4c99..0826b8668 100755
--- a/atari/browser_win.h
+++ b/atari/browser_win.h
@@ -64,23 +64,4 @@ void window_set_icon(struct gui_window * gw, struct bitmap * bmp );
/* Public event handlers: */
/* -------------------------------------------------------------------------- */
-/* -------------------------------------------------------------------------- */
-/* Static module methods follow here: */
-/* -------------------------------------------------------------------------- */
-static void evnt_toolbar_click(WINDOW * win, short buf[8], void * data);
-static void __CDECL evnt_window_redraw( WINDOW *win, short buff[8], void *data );
-static void __CDECL evnt_window_icondraw( WINDOW *win, short buff[8], void *data );
-static void __CDECL evnt_window_newtop( WINDOW *win, short buff[8], void *data );
-void __CDECL evnt_window_resize( WINDOW *win, short buff[8], void * data );
-static void __CDECL evnt_window_move( WINDOW *win, short buff[8], void * data );
-static void __CDECL evnt_window_rt_resize( WINDOW *win, short buff[8], void * date );
-static void __CDECL evnt_window_close( WINDOW *win, short buff[8], void *data );
-static void __CDECL evnt_window_dd( WINDOW *win, short wbuff[8], void * data ) ;
-static void __CDECL evnt_window_destroy( WINDOW *win, short buff[8], void *data );
-static void __CDECL evnt_window_keybd(WINDOW *win, short buff[8], void *data );
-static void __CDECL evnt_window_mbutton(WINDOW *win, short buff[8], void *data );
-static void __CDECL evnt_window_m1( WINDOW * win, short buff[8], void * data);
-static void __CDECL evnt_window_slider( WINDOW * win, short buff[8], void * data);
-static void __CDECL evnt_window_arrowed( WINDOW *win, short buff[8], void *data );