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Atari frontend (credit: Ole Loots)
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+Known bugs & Missing Features:
+- Frames are not implemented - if you hit an page with frames, you are advised to close the window and open a
+ new one.
+- Many of the Menu items are not working yet.
+- No Bookmarks & No History
+- No Download Manager
+- The browser window can only be resized after a page has been loaded.
+- removing the selection from the URL bar just works with backspace key,
+ del doesn't work.
+Things to test:
+- Networking code
+- SSL
+- Window Redraw - sometimes it looks like the page is redrawn all the times... (ebay...)
+ When you start to scroll, this stops.
+ Find out if the redraw stops at some point without the need of the user interaction.
+- Navigate to a lot of pages, note the ones that crashed, please don't report pages that you visited
+ after visiting pages with frames... Make sure you don't call pages with frames. I know that it's not working,
+ and I know that it can cause BUGS.
+- Have a look at the memory usage...
+- Copy & Paste ( please don't report unsupported characters, I know it's not perfect)
+ Doing selections with the mouse (Press mouse key and wait until statusbar says "selecting") is not working so well...
+ But you can use CTRL+A to select everything. Try it.
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