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- content/urldb.c(auth_data): Removed;
(prot_space_data): Added, it lives linked in the leaf host_part struct and together with its scheme and port (which defins canonical root url) and realm this defines a protection space. (path_data): Removed auth_data field and replaced by a prot_space_data pointer. (host_part::prot_space): Added linked list of protection space data structs. (urldb_get_auth_details): Given an URL fetch fetches its auth. (urldb_set_auth_details): Creates or updates the contents of a protection space to which given URL belongs. (urldb_destroy_host_tree): Delete protection data space structures using urldb_destroy_prot_space. (urldb_destroy_prot_space): Added. - content/urldb.h(urldb_get_auth_details): Added realm parameter. - content/fetchers/fetch_curl.c(fetch_curl_set_options): Update urldb_get_auth_details call (we don't know realm at this point). - content/fetchcache.c(fetchcache_callback, fetchcache_auth): At FETCH_AUTH, use realm to determine if we really don't know auth data and if so, refetch content. - content/content.h(struct content): Add content::tried_with_auth. - content/content.c(content_create): Initialize content::tried_with_auth. - riscos/401login.c(ro_gui_401login_open): Show known authentication data in dialogue so user can see what was wrong with it and correct it. Solves bug #2830829. svn path=/trunk/netsurf/; revision=9045
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diff --git a/content/content.h b/content/content.h
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--- a/content/content.h
+++ b/content/content.h
@@ -259,6 +259,7 @@ struct content {
bool no_error_pages; /**< Used by fetchcache(). */
bool download; /**< Used by fetchcache(). */
+ bool tried_with_auth; /**< Used by fetchcache(). */
unsigned int redirect_count; /**< Used by fetchcache(). */
/** Array of first n rendering errors or warnings. */