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authorMichael Drake <>2014-09-18 18:07:52 +0100
committerMichael Drake <>2014-09-18 18:07:52 +0100
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Resolve relative URLs in inline CSS relative to document's base URL, rather than its content URL.
This means passing the base URL as the URL param to LibCSS's css_stylesheet_create, rather than the URL of the source of the style data.
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diff --git a/css/select.c b/css/select.c
index 72f72d9b8..cb98f24ec 100644
--- a/css/select.c
+++ b/css/select.c
@@ -163,7 +163,7 @@ static css_select_handler selection_handler = {
* \param data Source data
* \param len Length of data in bytes
* \param charset Charset of data, or NULL if unknown
- * \param url URL of document containing data
+ * \param url Base URL of document containing data
* \param allow_quirks True to permit CSS parsing quirks
* \return Pointer to stylesheet, or NULL on failure.