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authorJohn Mark Bell <>2009-04-05 19:17:24 +0000
committerJohn Mark Bell <>2009-04-05 19:17:24 +0000
commit2531079866b194c05f5ef16907838e7becd3ac2b (patch)
tree91d85a1d742ba9371e3a4aeb74158d312556fa5b /desktop/browser.h
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Revert r6973. Apparently, it causes loads of problems.
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diff --git a/desktop/browser.h b/desktop/browser.h
index 54e4c69cc..37c643520 100644
--- a/desktop/browser.h
+++ b/desktop/browser.h
@@ -80,7 +80,7 @@ struct browser_window {
/** Busy indicator is active. */
bool throbbing;
/** Add loading_content to the window history when it loads. */
- bool add_to_history;
+ bool history_add;
/** Fragment identifier for current_content. */
char *frag_id;
@@ -214,16 +214,16 @@ extern bool browser_reformat_pending;
struct browser_window * browser_window_create(const char *url,
struct browser_window *clone, const char *referrer,
- bool add_to_history, bool new_tab);
+ bool history_add, bool new_tab);
void browser_window_initialise_common(struct browser_window *bw,
struct browser_window *clone);
void browser_window_go(struct browser_window *bw, const char *url,
- const char *referrer, bool add_to_history);
+ const char *referrer, bool history_add);
void browser_window_go_unverifiable(struct browser_window *bw,
- const char *url, const char *referrer, bool add_to_history);
+ const char *url, const char *referrer, bool history_add);
void browser_window_download(struct browser_window *bw,
const char *url, const char *referrer);
-void browser_window_update(struct browser_window *bw);
+void browser_window_update(struct browser_window *bw, bool scroll_to_top);
void browser_window_stop(struct browser_window *bw);
void browser_window_reload(struct browser_window *bw, bool all);
void browser_window_destroy(struct browser_window *bw);