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Allow content handlers to have debug values set through API
Previously content handler debugging features were accessed by global variables. This allows the setting of debugging parameters via a content API giving per content control over debugging features. Currently only used by the html content handler to toggle global redraw debugging.
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diff --git a/desktop/browser.h b/desktop/browser.h
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--- a/desktop/browser.h
+++ b/desktop/browser.h
@@ -668,9 +668,19 @@ int browser_get_dpi(void);
* Dump debug info concerning the browser window's contents to file
- * \param bw The browser window
- * \param f The file to dump to
+ * \param bw The browser window.
+ * \param f The file to dump to.
+ * \param op The debug operation type to dump.
+ * \return NSERROR_OK on success or error code on faliure.
nserror browser_window_debug_dump(struct browser_window *bw, FILE *f, enum content_debug op);
+ * set debug options on a window
+ * \param bw The browser window.
+ * \param op The debug operation type.
+ * \return NSERROR_OK on success or error code on faliure.
+ */
+nserror browser_window_debug(struct browser_window *bw, enum content_debug op);