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authorMichael Drake <>2011-02-14 22:05:39 +0000
committerMichael Drake <>2011-02-14 22:05:39 +0000
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Pass clip rect to clip plotters as struct. Simplify clip rect handling in debug window code. Pass clip rect to select menu as struct.
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diff --git a/render/form.h b/render/form.h
index 9da24b8b9..a6cda0a99 100644
--- a/render/form.h
+++ b/render/form.h
@@ -161,10 +161,9 @@ void form_select_menu_callback(void *client_data,
int x, int y, int width, int height);
void form_free_select_menu(struct form_control *control);
bool form_redraw_select_menu(struct form_control *control, int x, int y,
- float scale,
- int clip_x0, int clip_y0, int clip_x1, int clip_y1);
+ float scale, const struct rect *clip);
bool form_clip_inside_select_menu(struct form_control *control, float scale,
- int clip_x0, int clip_y0, int clip_x1, int clip_y1);
+ const struct rect *clip);
const char *form_select_mouse_action(struct form_control *control,
browser_mouse_state mouse, int x, int y);
void form_select_mouse_drag_end(struct form_control *control,