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authorMichael Drake <>2011-07-26 13:53:42 +0000
committerMichael Drake <>2011-07-26 13:53:42 +0000
commit16b92d1613e245919743be5f168abe77712ec84b (patch)
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parentd97e99b02b40114c584661541805704006ffefee (diff)
Selection is now subordinate to html and text content types, and disassociated from browser windows. Note: search currently uses hlcache_handle_get_content() to go from bw to h to get at c for search highlighting via selection.
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diff --git a/render/textplain.h b/render/textplain.h
index 66e4e83ee..75e84b114 100644
--- a/render/textplain.h
+++ b/render/textplain.h
@@ -36,17 +36,17 @@ nserror textplain_init(void);
void textplain_fini(void);
/* access to lines for text selection and searching */
-unsigned long textplain_line_count(struct hlcache_handle *h);
-size_t textplain_size(struct hlcache_handle *h);
+unsigned long textplain_line_count(struct content *c);
+size_t textplain_size(struct content *c);
-size_t textplain_offset_from_coords(struct hlcache_handle *h, int x, int y,
- int dir);
-void textplain_coords_from_range(struct hlcache_handle *h,
+size_t textplain_offset_from_coords(struct content *c, int x, int y, int dir);
+void textplain_coords_from_range(struct content *c,
unsigned start, unsigned end, struct rect *r);
-char *textplain_get_line(struct hlcache_handle *h, unsigned lineno,
+char *textplain_get_line(struct content *c, unsigned lineno,
size_t *poffset, size_t *plen);
-int textplain_find_line(struct hlcache_handle *h, unsigned offset);
-char *textplain_get_raw_data(struct hlcache_handle *h,
+int textplain_find_line(struct content *c, unsigned offset);
+char *textplain_get_raw_data(struct content *c,
unsigned start, unsigned end, size_t *plen);
+struct browser_window *textplain_get_browser_window(struct content *c);