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committerJohn Mark Bell <>2011-05-06 20:40:09 +0000
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diff --git a/render/textplain.h b/render/textplain.h
index c338220d1..66e4e83ee 100644
--- a/render/textplain.h
+++ b/render/textplain.h
@@ -32,36 +32,8 @@ struct hlcache_handle;
struct http_parameter;
struct rect;
-struct textplain_line {
- size_t start;
- size_t length;
-struct content_textplain_data {
- char *encoding;
- void *inputstream;
- char *utf8_data;
- size_t utf8_data_size;
- size_t utf8_data_allocated;
- unsigned long physical_line_count;
- struct textplain_line *physical_line;
- int formatted_width;
-bool textplain_create(struct content *c, const struct http_parameter *params);
-bool textplain_process_data(struct content *c,
- const char *data, unsigned int size);
-bool textplain_convert(struct content *c);
-void textplain_mouse_track(struct content *c, struct browser_window *bw,
- browser_mouse_state mouse, int x, int y);
-void textplain_mouse_action(struct content *c, struct browser_window *bw,
- browser_mouse_state mouse, int x, int y);
-void textplain_reformat(struct content *c, int width, int height);
-void textplain_destroy(struct content *c);
-bool textplain_redraw(struct content *c, int x, int y,
- int width, int height, const struct rect *clip,
- float scale, colour background_colour);
-bool textplain_clone(const struct content *old, struct content *new_content);
+nserror textplain_init(void);
+void textplain_fini(void);
/* access to lines for text selection and searching */
unsigned long textplain_line_count(struct hlcache_handle *h);