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authorVincent Sanders <>2014-06-05 15:14:49 +0100
committerVincent Sanders <>2014-06-05 15:14:49 +0100
commit54fcb66d876420d6a9158ecd70854739f22f159b (patch)
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cleanup RISC OS frontend header usage
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1 files changed, 9 insertions, 30 deletions
diff --git a/riscos/gui.h b/riscos/gui.h
index 1dcc1e13c..bc59b5db9 100644
--- a/riscos/gui.h
+++ b/riscos/gui.h
@@ -21,15 +21,7 @@
-#include <stdbool.h>
-#include <stdlib.h>
-#include <oslib/osspriteop.h>
#include <oslib/wimp.h>
-#include <rufl.h>
-#include "desktop/browser.h"
-#include "content/content_type.h"
-#include "utils/config.h"
#define RISCOS5 0xAA
@@ -53,6 +45,10 @@ struct node;
struct history;
struct css_style;
struct ssl_cert_info;
+struct nsurl;
+struct hlcache_handle;
+enum gui_pointer_shape;
extern wimp_t task_handle; /**< RISC OS wimp task handle. */
@@ -76,12 +72,6 @@ typedef enum { GUI_DRAG_NONE, GUI_DRAG_DOWNLOAD_SAVE, GUI_DRAG_SAVE }
extern ro_gui_drag_type gui_current_drag_type;
-/** desktop font, size and style being used */
-extern char ro_gui_desktop_font_family[];
-extern int ro_gui_desktop_font_size;
-extern rufl_style ro_gui_desktop_font_style;
/** RISC OS data for a browser window. */
struct gui_window {
/** Associated platform-independent browser window data. */
@@ -133,7 +123,7 @@ extern struct gui_download_table *riscos_download_table;
/* in 401login.c */
void ro_gui_401login_init(void);
-void gui_401login_open(nsurl *url, const char *realm,
+void gui_401login_open(struct nsurl *url, const char *realm,
nserror (*cb)(bool proceed, void *pw), void *cbpw);
/* in window.c */
@@ -156,14 +146,14 @@ bool ro_gui_window_to_window_pos(struct gui_window *g, int x, int y,
os_coord *pos);
bool ro_gui_window_to_screen_pos(struct gui_window *g, int x, int y,
os_coord *pos);
-browser_mouse_state ro_gui_mouse_click_state(wimp_mouse_state buttons,
+enum browser_mouse_state ro_gui_mouse_click_state(wimp_mouse_state buttons,
wimp_icon_flags type);
-browser_mouse_state ro_gui_mouse_drag_state(wimp_mouse_state buttons,
+enum browser_mouse_state ro_gui_mouse_drag_state(wimp_mouse_state buttons,
wimp_icon_flags type);
bool ro_gui_shift_pressed(void);
bool ro_gui_ctrl_pressed(void);
bool ro_gui_alt_pressed(void);
-void gui_window_set_pointer(struct gui_window *g, gui_pointer_shape shape);
+void gui_window_set_pointer(struct gui_window *g, enum gui_pointer_shape shape);
void gui_create_form_select_menu(struct browser_window *bw, struct form_control *control);
/* in history.c */
@@ -200,17 +190,6 @@ struct gui_search_table *riscos_search_table;
void ro_gui_print_init(void);
void ro_gui_print_prepare(struct gui_window *g);
-/* in font.c */
-void nsfont_init(void);
-bool nsfont_exists(const char *font_family);
-const char *nsfont_fallback_font(void);
-bool nsfont_paint(const plot_font_style_t *fstyle, const char *string,
- size_t length, int x, int y);
-void nsfont_read_style(const plot_font_style_t *fstyle,
- const char **font_family, unsigned int *font_size,
- rufl_style *font_style);
-void ro_gui_wimp_get_desktop_font(void);
/* in plotters.c */
extern const struct plotter_table ro_plotters;
extern int ro_plot_origin_x;
@@ -220,7 +199,7 @@ extern int ro_plot_origin_y;
bool ro_gui_theme_install_apply(wimp_w w);
/* in sslcert.c */
-void gui_cert_verify(nsurl *url,
+void gui_cert_verify(struct nsurl *url,
const struct ssl_cert_info *certs, unsigned long num,
nserror (*cb)(bool proceed, void *pw), void *cbpw);