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authorSteve Fryatt <>2013-09-08 00:47:55 +0100
committerSteve Fryatt <>2013-09-08 00:47:55 +0100
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Restructure handling of DragEnd events.
Add ro_mouse module to process mouse events during drags and on null polls. Implement support in ro_mouse for tracking the mouse during drags and passing on DragEnd events. Remove ro_gui_drag_end() and update all of its clients so that they use ro_mouse. Remove the unused ro_gui_window_frame_resize_end(). Termination of save drags with Escape is unimplemented, but appears broken anyway. The use of gui_drag_type is still required to handle Message_DatasaveAck processing. Mouse tracking is still handled via gui.c.
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diff --git a/riscos/save.h b/riscos/save.h
index b219de4c8..34a4a6ba9 100644
--- a/riscos/save.h
+++ b/riscos/save.h
@@ -37,7 +37,6 @@ void ro_gui_drag_save_link(gui_save_type save_type, const char *url,
const char *title, struct gui_window *g);
void ro_gui_drag_icon(int x, int y, const char *sprite);
void ro_gui_drag_box_cancel(void);
-void ro_gui_save_drag_end(wimp_dragged *drag);
void ro_gui_send_datasave(gui_save_type save_type, wimp_full_message_data_xfer *message, wimp_t to);
void ro_gui_save_datasave_ack(wimp_message *message);
bool ro_gui_save_ok(wimp_w w);