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authorJohn Mark Bell <>2011-03-10 23:13:03 +0000
committerJohn Mark Bell <>2011-03-10 23:13:03 +0000
commit1edcef6141f6efefd2a75f1390815e95427db15c (patch)
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Remove redundant parameter from content_open API
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diff --git a/riscos/plugin.c b/riscos/plugin.c
index c3065ed37..b70083831 100644
--- a/riscos/plugin.c
+++ b/riscos/plugin.c
@@ -264,12 +264,11 @@ bool plugin_redraw(struct content *c, int x, int y,
* \param bw browser window containing the content
* \param page content of type CONTENT_HTML containing c, or 0 if not an
* object within a page
- * \param index index in page->data.html.object, or 0 if not an object
* \param box box containing c, or 0 if not an object
* \param params object parameters, or 0 if not an object
void plugin_open(struct content *c, struct browser_window *bw,
- struct content *page, unsigned int index, struct box *box,
+ struct content *page, struct box *box,
struct object_params *params)
bool standalone = false, helper = false;