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-<TITLE>NCNetsurf | Welcome</TITLE>
-<BODY bgcolor="#000000" text="#FFFFFF" alink="#FFFFFF" link="#FFFFFF" vlink="#FFFFFF" leftmargin="0" topmargin="0">
-<IMG src="nc_png" border="0">
-<FONT SIZE="5" FACE="arial">Welcome to NetSurf for the Network Computer</FONT>
-<FONT SIZE="4" FACE="arial">Your Network Computer is now ready to use.<BR>
-To start browsing please enter a URL into the address bar above.</FONT>
-<FONT SIZE="3" FACE="arial">[ <a href="about">About NCNetSurf</a> | Network Computer Administration ]</FONT>
-<FONT SIZE="2" FACE="arial">Copyright &copy; The Netsurf Developers, 2003, 2004</FONT>
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-# MIME Type/Sub-Type RISC OS Name Hex Extensions
-text/html HTML faf .html .htm .shtml .stm .phtml .iso-html "TEXTMOSS" "TEXTMOS!" "TEXTMSIE"
-text/plain Text fff .txt .c .cc .cpp .h "TEXTttxt" "TEXT????"
-text/richtext RTF c32 .rtx .rtf "RTF " "RTF ????" "TEXTMSWD"
-text/x-teletext Teletext 112 .ttx
-text/x-vcard vCard acf .vcf
-text/* Text fff
-image/cgm Metafile 405 .cgm
-image/gif GIF 695 .gif "GIFfJVWR" "GIFf????"
-image/jpeg JPEG c85 .jpg .jpeg .jpe "JPEGJVWR" "JPEG????"
-image/jpeg JPEG c85 .jfif .jfi "JFIFGKON" "JFIF????"
-image/photo-cd PhotoCD be8 .pcd "TCD 8BIM" "TCD ????"
-image/pjpeg JPEG c85 .pjpeg .pjpg
-image/png PNG b60 .png "PGNf " "PGNf????"
-image/svg+xml SVG AAD .svg .svgz
-image/svg SVG AAD .svg
-image/vnd.adobe.svg+xml SVG AAD .svg .svgz
-image/tiff TIFF ff0 .tif .tiff "TIFF8BIM" "TIFF????"
-image/x-bitmap XBitMap b61 .bm
-image/x-ms-bmp BMP 69c .bmp "BMPpJVWR" "BMPp????" "BMP ????"
-image/x-photo-cd PhotoCD be8 .pcd
-image/x-riscos-sprite Sprite ff9 .spr
-image/x-xpixmap XPM 301 .xpm "XPM GKON" "XPM ????"
-image/xbm XBitMap b61 .xbm "XBM GKON" "XBM ????"
-image/xpng PNG b60
-image/vnd.dxf DXF dea .dxf
-audio/basic WaveForm fb1 .au .snd "BINASCPL"
-audio/aiff AIFF fc2 .aif .aiff "AIFFSNDM" "AIFF????"
-audio/aiff AIFF fc2 .aifc "AIFCSCPL" "AIFC????"
-audio/midi Midi fd4 .midi .mid "Midittxt" "Midi????"
-audio/mpeg AMPEG 1ad .mpa .mp3 "MP3\00ISO\00"
-audio/mp3 AMPEG 1ad
-audio/wav WaveForm fb1 .wav "WAVESCPL" "WAVE????" "WAV ????"
-audio/x-aiff AIFF fc2
-audio/x-midi Midi fd4
-audio/x-mpeg MPEG bf8
-audio/x-mpegurl M3UFile aa7 .p3u
-audio/x-scpls pls aa8 .pls
-audio/x-pn-realaudio RealAud f88 .ram .rpm .ra
-audio/x-wav WaveForm fb1
-audio/* AudioWrk bd6 .au .snd
-video/acorn-replay ARMovie ae7 .replay .rpl
-video/avi AVI fb2 .avi
-video/mpeg MPEG bf8 .mpeg .mpg .mpv "MPEGmMPG" "MPEG????"
-video/msvideo AVI fb2 .avi "BINAAVIC" "VfW AVIC"
-video/quicktime AVI fb2 .mov .moo .moov .qt .avi "MooVttxt" "MooV????"
-video/x-mpeg2 MPEG bf8 "MPG2mMPG" "MPG2????"
-video/x-msvideo AVI fb2 .avi
-x-world/x-vrml VRML b29 .wrl
-model/vrml VRML b29 .wrl
-message/rfc822 Marcel b86 .mbox
-application/hyperstudio HStudio b44 .stk .stak
-application/compress Archive ddc .Z .z "ZIVMSITx" "ZIVM????"
-application/dvi DVI ce4
-application/gzip GZip f89 .gz .gzip .tgz "GzipSITx" "Gzip????" "ZIVUSITx"
-application/java-vm Java ae4 .class "TEXTALFA"
-application/msword MSWord ae6 .doc "W8BNMSWD" "W7BNMSWD" "W6BNMSWD" "WDBNMSWD" "WDBNWORD"
-application/nc-download NCDown f93 .ncd
-application/nc-smartcard SCBBlk f94 .scb
-application/octet-stream Data ffd .bin .z .Z "DATA " "DATA????"
-application/pdf PDF adf .pdf "PDF CARO" "PDF ????" "TEXTCARO"
-application/postscript PoScript ff5 .ps .eps .epsf "EPSF " "EPSF????" "EPSP????" "TEXTvgrd" "LWFN????"
-application/postscript PoScript ff5 .ai .art "EPSFART5" "ART GKON" "TEXTART3" "TEXTART5" "TEXTARTY" "TEXTARTZ"
-application/rtf RTF c32 .rtf
-application/vnd.riscos.drawfile Draw aff .drw .draw
-application/ Excel ba6 .xls
-application/x-chat Chat 17a .chat .cha
-application/x-compress Archive ddc
-application/x-director Director ae3 .dxr .dcr .dir
-application/x-dvi DVI ce4 .dvi "ODVIOTEX"
-application/x-gzip GZip f89
-application/x-latex LaTex 2a8 .ltx "TEXTOTEX"
-application/x-nschat Chat 17a .nsc
-application/x-shockwave-flash Flash 188 .swf
-application/x-tar Tar c46 .tar
-application/x-tex TeX ce5 .tex .texi .texinfo "TEXTOTEX"
-application/x-tex TeX 2a7 .tex
-application/zip Archive ddc .zip "ZIP SITx" "ZIP ????"
-application/zip Archive ddc .arc "BINAarcİ" "mArcarc*"
-application/zip Archive ddc .spk
-application/zip Archive ddc .arj "BINADArj"
-application/zip Archive ddc .lha .lzh "LHA SITx" "LHA ????"
-application/xml-dtd XML_DTD f7f .dtd
-application/xslt+xml XSL f7e .xsl
-application/riscos * *
-model/vrml VRML b29 .vrml .vrm
-x-world/x-vrml VRML b29 .wrl
-multipart/x-mixed-replace Data ffd
-message/* Text fff
-*/*+xml XML f80 .xml
-audio/* GenSound f96 .voc
-text/* Text fff
-*/* Data ffd
-- MSDOSexe fd9 .exe