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@@ -189,4 +189,8 @@ HelpBrowserMenu4:\Rsee the help resources available.
HelpBrowserMenu4-0:\Sopen the documentation contents page in a new \w.
#HelpBrowserMenu4-1:\Sopen the user guide in a new \w.
#HelpBrowserMenu4-2:\Sopen the user information page in a new \w.
-#HelpBrowserMenu4-3:\Stoggle interactive help. \ No newline at end of file
+#HelpBrowserMenu4-3:\Stoggle interactive help.
+HelpBrowser-1:Click \s on a link to follow it.|MClick \a on a link to open it in a new \w.
+HelpIconbar:\TNetSurf icon.|M\Sopen a new browser window.